An opportunity for all opera singers, at any age, to perform in the international scene

The two-round Armel Opera Competition is an international music event preceding Armel Opera Festival that provides an opportunity for all applicant opera singers to be offered, after a professional selection process, a main role in an Armel Opera Festival production, matching their voice qualities. The competition is not necessarily won by the singer with the most unique vocal qualities or with the best signing abilities, but the one who is able to satisfy all professional requirements of the genre, including opera singing, stage movement and acting qualities, at the highest standard. In the course of Armel Opera Competition, the complex performing abilities of the singers are evaluated by a professional jury of international experts. Eligibility requirements: minimal stage experience – at least two stage roles (two minor roles are sufficient). The application has no age requirement.
Armel Opera Festival creates productions annually, in collaboration with the operas/theatres of five different countries, which are presented within the frame of Armel Opera Festival each summer. The singers selected during the Armel Opera Competition are offered roles in one of these operas. The winners get prepared for their roles under the guidance of the director and the conductor of the theatre involved, and then they make their debut at Armel Opera Festival and on TV.

FIRST ROUND, Paris, April 21-22, 2018
Preselection by vocal and singing abilities

The jury is looking for the best opera singers for a specified production of Armel Opera Festival. The location is Paris. At this stage, the jury judges the applicants primarily based on their vocal abilities and technical skills.
In the first round, contestants are required to perform two opera arias, one of which must be from the role they hope to be selected for and the other one a classical or contemporary piece of their own choosing. The arias must be presented in the original language, without keeping scores. No musical or operetta arias are accepted. No modifications are accepted to the arias.

SECOND ROUND, Paris, April 23, 2018
Selection based on vocal abilities and theatrical skills.

After the first round is completed, the jury decides about advancing five contestants for each role into the second round.
In 2018, both rounds are held in Paris. During the second round, the director and the conductor of the production listen to the singers perform and, in addition to their voice, examine their stage appearance, their performance skills and their ability to get into character as well. The candidates are required to perform the same couple of arias as in the first round. By the end of this round, the winner is proclaimed and selected for the production.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:
Location: Carlos Cueva Tamariz Theatre, Cuenca, Ecuador
By MusArtEH – Ecuadorian Hungarian Music Foundation in Ecuador, president: Xavier Rivadeneira

Competition roles:

Donna Anna – soprano
Leporello – bass-baritone
Don Ottavio – tenor

Rehearsal period:
Period: May 2, 2019 – June 15, 2019
Location: Cuenca, Ecuador – Carlos Cueva Tamariz Theatre

Between 15 June and 5 July 2019, several shows will be staged in Ecuador and one in the MüPa in Budapest, Hungary.

Performance at Armel Opera Festival in Budapest: 5th July, 2019

Award Ceremony at Armel Opera Festival: 6th July 2019.

The winners are offered a role at Carlos Cueva Tamariz Theatre and they will perform at Armel Opera Festival in 2019. The show will be broadcast live by ARTE Concert will be available for 6 months online. Also, it will be played on both Magyar Televízió (Hungarian Television) and Bartók Rádió (Radio Bartók, Hungary). Furthermore, the international jury of professionals will offer the Best Performer Award, worth 3000 EUR, for the best singer chosen from the three competition roles at Armel Opera Festival in 2019.


Dates and locations:
First round: April 21 and 22, 2018

Second round: April 23, 2018

Location: École Normale de Musique de Paris – Salle Cortot, 114 bis boulevard Malesherbes, 75017 Paris


Application deadline: 15 April, 2018
Attention! The first 150 candidates can be accepted.
Registration fee: 40 EUR
(for bank transfer, please find information on the right section)

Your application must contain the following:
– CV: Participation is subject to the submission of a CV with a portrait photo and the following information: current job, studies, past roles, professional experience (at least two stage roles), awards (1 page length)
– Application form completed: See it listed among the documents in the download section to the right.
A photocopy of your passport or ID card of current validity
– 40-euros check (or bank transfer) corresponding at the registration fees, in the order of the CFPL

Please, submit the completed form and a CV to
Centre Français de Promotion Lyrique (CFPL)
by e-mail:
or via mail: Address: 35, boulevard de Bonne Nouvelles, F- 75002 PARIS
Tel: +33 1 53 96 92 98

ID card and signed declaration

Participation is subject to a declaration about observing the rules of the competition, printed and signed in advance or at the location. (See the document listed in the download section to the right.)

Should you have further questions, please submit or call: +36 30 6583464

We look forward to welcoming you and wish you the best of luck!